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Amity Initiation

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Amity Initiation - Page 2 Empty Amity Initiation

Post by Ross ♦ on Mon Aug 17, 2015 9:46 am

First topic message reminder :

Amity values peacefulness and friendship, and their initiation process is based largely on this. From what we do see of Amity initiation, we gather that it involves picking fruits and singing songs. The Amity people probably want kind, laid back people that can stay calm. The Amity initiation doesn't seem to be that intense considering that only a handful of them are factionless. Stage one has something to do with picking berries, and harvesting food, because Amity is all farms. Stage two is simulations with things that annoy you the most. The reason for having that is so you don't go crazy, and you stay calm, and peaceful. They need kind, and of course peaceful people in Amity. Stage 3 isn't really a stage, you just eat food you harvested, sing some songs, and become a member of Amity.

-7 Days of Harvesting 0/7
*Harvest various crops for a week
*Being peaceful in role play
*Creating your own scenarios about the harvest

-A Day of Simulations
*The character's most annoying things are shown in a simulation

-Have dinner with the Faction and sing songs

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Ross ♦
Ross ♦

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Amity Initiation - Page 2 Empty Re: Amity Initiation

Post by Rayas ⭐ on Sun Oct 18, 2015 6:48 pm

i am rayas, a silent being

"Other's speech"

To make everything worse for the frightened albino, the wolf from before, Lhouraii, approached them. Rayas didn't know what to make of Lhouraii but did know she wasn't someone to mess with as she could be pretty aggressive, something Raya couldn't ever bring herself to be. That's why she's in this mess. Her inability to stand up for what she wants is the only reason what happened to her happened, if she'd of just stood up for herself it'd all be okay, August wouldn't of ever took advantage of her, she wouldn't have suffered and there wouldn't be so many lost lives. All those pups' lives that were lost just because Rayas couldn't cope with so many or tell August it stop, that it was enough. She was to kind for her own good.

‘’Morning fellow Initiates!’’ Lhouraii said to Rayas' surprise. It was unexpected by the albino for this wolf to be so cheerful towards them, her basket swinging in her jaws and a beaming smile on her face. She looked so happy, yet so sarcastically happy.
"Why do you always look so sarcastically happy?" Raya thought as she came out slightly from behind Imagine. "Good morning, Lhouraii." She managed to say. It was strange for her to talk so much, it made her feel weird speaking to someone she'd just met almost as much as she felt weird talking to Imagine, just in different ways. It was a better weird from Imagine, Rayas didn't mind it, but around Lhouraii it was a sort of threatening feeling, Rayas didn't like that really. It was kind of familiar.
‘’Another wolf outside here? Let me go take a look.’’ Lhouraii continued to keep her smile as she spoke. It was surprising she could keep it up for so long, the wolf seemed to be good at pretending. Only if Rayas was reading her right, of course. She then realised how judgemental she was being and didn't like it one bit. Rayas shook her head and pushed it into Imagine's side as she hid her face from the other wolves. ‘’Good morning! I'm Lhouraii. Are you an initiate here, too? Did you get your basket yet? We're going out to the fields on our first day of initiation. Care to join us? What is your name?’’ Lhouraii continued once more. Now she was being more genuine, well that's what Raya thought anyway. The albino could only hope that Imagine would stay with her during the initiation because Rayas was completely petrified at the moment, initiation scared her, she could be sent away, into the factionless. She'd be no better off that before. Rayas then looked back at the door and saw Lhouraii swish her tail before speaking one more time, this time to Rayas and Imagine: ‘’And what are your names? I know we had seen each other last night, but I don't think we've ever really introduced ourselves to each other.’’

"You already know me from before with Ross..." Rayas thought. She couldn't talk though, remembering names wasn't exactly her strong point. It was only polite for her to answer though so she did, in a not so frightened voice she replied. "Rayas," was all she said. What else did she need to say? All Lhouraii asked was for a name. That she got. That's all she'd get for now. Rayas felt safer now she was with Imagine, it was as if the grey female acted as a comfort blanket for such a skitty female.

Addressed: Lhouraii Mentioned: August, pups, Lhouraii, Imagine, Ross Word Count: 585 Notes: Rayas is being pretty brave seen as she's still not comfortable with Lhouraii.
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Rayas ⭐
Rayas ⭐

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